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Offshore IT solution from Brainstorm is the growth engine that you have been looking for. Imagine being able to start a new project within a week, without worrying about the tasks you have already allocated to your team. Imagine bringing out three innovative products in the same cost and time that would take for developing one at your site.

  • Huge Savings in resource costs
  • Quick project Start ups
  • Fixed costs - no cost over runs
  • Just in time project teams
  • Single point responsibility
  • Better Quality
  • Timely delivery
  • Your Growth Engine
Single point responsibility :
Brainstorm assumes complete responsibility of IT solutions, development, documentation and successful commissioning. The customer can concentrate on core business / product development, by leaving the IT solutions project in safe hands of Brainstorm technologies.

Quality and technology :
Brainstorm's expertise and well established IT solutions center ensures that only a high quality work with latest technology reaches you. Customers get benefited by experience of Brainstorm's team to execute several similar projects. Thus risks are minimized, deadlines are met and OEMs get a competitive edge by always offering the latest software.

Speed and Flexibility :
Brainstorm has access to a large pool of specialists in various Management, Business application and hardware areas. This ensures rapid development and flexibility to provide customized software for end user.

Cost effectiveness :
Since the cost of maintaining a hi-tech setup of manpower, hardware and software resources is shared by several customers, customers can afford to introduce new technologies in a cost effective manner.

Consistent Service :
Brainstorm provides complete software configuration management services, thus maintaining all records related to software development, enabling to re-use and modify the same software even after several years of first version and even in absence of original team which authored the software.

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