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Brainstorm QA Lab offers QA and testing services. We help our clients to succeed with their products in the market as well as assist enterprises and investors to ensure that their products meet requirements and works properly. Strong industry and experienced background, creative approach allows us to serve our customers thoroughly with cost-effective services. Today's keen global competition forces to provide "faster and cheaper" services. However even the most "fast and cheap" products should be of high quality and perfect usability.

At Brainstorm QA we see our mission in making our customers' product more reliable and user-friendly, more competitive and successful in the market. Brainstorm QA is a division of Brainstorm technologies.

Expert-level testing services :
The quality of testing can be crucial for the future of the tested software. Therefore, good reputation and trust of customers are extremely important for a testing company. Brainstorm team provides comprehensive unbiased testing services which are focused on the results and customers' complete satisfaction. Properly established processes, a set of powerful testing strategies and highly trained staff comprise the reliable basis for successful projects implementation and real saving of your time and money.

Effective 'know-how' and innovative testing techniques :
It can be too expensive to test mobile applications in the real conditions. In such cases testers have to simulate the environment trying to provide as accurate testing results as possible and reasonable from the standpoint of exploitable resources (personnel, time, and budget).

Competent exploratory testing :
One of peculiarities of applications testing is that it is difficult to describe all probable users' actions in test cases. That is why the so called exploratory testing is used. In order to be efficient, this technique requires large experience and strong intuition. At Brainstorm QA, exploratory testing is executed by senior testers. The deep understanding of the architecture enable to effectively perform the exploratory testing and find very complex bugs.

Cost saving up to 50% and more :
Offshore outsourcing reduces testing costs due to the difference in manpower and infrastructure prices in different countries. However, testing also implies saving on utilization of existing infrastructure and trained staff which would rather be an expensive and long process to establish and maintain it at the highest level

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